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Mental Health Training

Workplace mental well being.

In the UK, businesses lose £30 billion a year through reduced production, recruitment and absences. 130 million work days are lost through sickness absence, greater attention is required for mental health problems in the workplace. We can help your organisation to reduce the costs for your business.
This is an interactive course designed to help managers effectively support mental wellbeing of your whole workforce in the workplace. The course focuses on all common mental health conditions and considers the impact and barriers faced by your colleagues who have a mental health condition. It will also equip you with the knowledge of what approaches to take to provide the right support for colleagues.

The course will also help to reduce fears and stigma of mental health conditions in the workplace. It will give you information about the different models of mental health which are medical, biological, psychological and social. It will inform you about the differences between common and severe mental health conditions, their signs and symptoms and the treatment and support. The course will also cover what is suicide and self harm, suicidal behaviour and what can be done to help someone experiencing such issues. How to promote a work life balance, reduce workplace stress and increase emotional intelligence and resilience.

We offer bespoke packages for all your workplace mental health training requirements. Call on 07523880382 or use the contact form.

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